Maldives: Local Travel Info

The Indian Ocean's idyllic paradise

Maldives Local Travel Info

Internal flights and major international airports

At present, there is only one airport in the Maldives, Male International Airport. Male airport is actually situated on a neighbouring island Huhule, a 15 minute boat ride from Male, the capital of the Maldives. It is quite simply a strip of land with a run way on it, and you do wonder if the plane will tip over the edge of the tarmac into the ocean, as you touch down!

Getting to and from the airport

Once you have cleared customs and collected your luggage, you will be transported to your chosen resort island either by a traditional dhoni, which isn’t the quickest method of transport but by far the most relaxed method. Pottering along at a steady pace you will probably see dolphins and flying fish. Or, you may go by speedboat, seaplane or even helicopter, or though this tends to be reserved for the more exclusive resorts.

Travel costs

Most people visiting the Maldives go with an organised tour operator, so travel costs to the islands are included in the package price. However, it is possible to transfer independently by hiring a local dhoni or speedboat once on Male. Travelling costs in the Maldives are fairly modest, with a dhoni costing around MRf 1000.00 (about €50) to hire.

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The only roads on the Maldives are found on the capital island of Male, and a few on the southern most atoll, Addu. You can hire a taxi on both of these islands. Taxis in the Maldives charge a standard fee of MRf 10.00 (about 0.50c) for travel without luggage and an additional MRf 5.00 with luggage.


Again, cycling in the Maldives is restricted to Male where most of the locals own a bicycle. There are no official bike hire companies on the capital, as walking is the preferred method with the tourist, and with the island being only 2kms square it takes only a matter of minutes to walk around it.

Water Transport

Water transport in the Maldives is by far the most popular way of travelling between islands. Dhonis can be hired at Male for around MRf 1000.00 (about €50) and also from some resort islands by prior arrangement, but the cost will be much higher. Seaplanes are another option of water transport in the Maldives. You can hire one privately which will cost anything between 350€ - 800€.