Maldives: Useful Information

The Indian Ocean's idyllic paradise

Maldives Useful Information


The Maldives uses 220-240 volts, alternating current. The outlets are tree-pronged. All the resorts have their own generator(s).

Embarkation Tax

Upon departure at the airport an embarkation tax of US $ 10.-- per person will be levied.


For people who are looking for entertainment and nightlife the Maldives are not the ideal destination to spend their holidays. In the evening after dinner one spends an hour or so cosily at the resort bar or sits on the beach under the sparkling stars.


Excursions are regularly organised to the neighbouring islands and also to Male. Very popular is the night fishing followed by a barbecue on the beach.

Import Restrictions

Please note that the importation of products from pork meet, alcohol, pornographic material, weapons, narcotics, and objects of a religious character are prohibited. - The Maldives have a very severe narcotic law.


The local language is called Dhivehi. On all the resort islands English is spoken.


On all the islands in our programme there are dive bases operating on their own. The instructors are mostly Germans or Swiss with a wide experience of diving. On offer are courses for beginners, advanced divers as well as excursions for experienced scuba divers. The minimum age at all the dive bases is 14 years. The prices include complete diving equipment. On the resort islands wind surfing boards and sailing boats can also be rented and occasionally also instructors are available.

Visa Regulations & Vaccination

As a rule visitors to the Maldives do not need an entry visa for a stay of up to four weeks, however the passport has to be valid for a least six months exceeding the date of leaving the Maldives. A vaccination certificate is only required for visitors arriving from cholera, yellow fever or malaria infested countries.

What to wear

T-shirts, light cotton dresses of the drip-try, wash-and-wear variety, shorts, light-weight suits are the most comfortable year round attire. In addition swimming gear and a light pullover. Sun-glasses and a wide brimmed beach hat as well as enough sun cream with a high protection factor should not be missing in your luggage.