Maldives: Hotels

The Indian Ocean's idyllic paradise

Maldives Hotels

Hotels make up the majority of accommodation in the Maldives, and other than a few smaller hotels on the capital Male, the hotels on the resort islands are medium in size and most are of a luxury standard. You will find no high rise hotels in the Maldives as there is a rule against building higher than the tree line.

Hotels in the Maldives are all aimed towards relaxation and luxury, with the emphasis being on romance and privacy, and for total seclusion you could try the Cocoa Island resort, situated in the North Atoll, which offers accommodation in a choice of only eight luxury ‘house boats’ – you literally can’t get any closer to the water than this!

Whatever you are looking for from a hotel in the Maldives you’ll be sure to find it, and plenty more, but be prepared to pay for this piece of paradise. A typical week’s package holiday in a the Maldives costs anything from 1200€ upwards, based on room and breakfast, but don’t forget to take your credit card because food and drink is not cheap once you’re at the hotel! If you can get an all inclusive hotel in the Maldives, then it is well worth paying the bit extra for.

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