Malta: City Breaks

A Microcosm of the Mediterranean

Malta City Breaks

On a city break in Malta you will discover how much more there is to the island nation than a simple sun holiday. Its unique language and culture are shaped by the many settlers and conquerors that have passed through Malta, including, most recently, the British, from whom the nation won independence in 1964. The fascinating past of the Maltese islands is evident wherever you go. You will want to visit Malta's seven breathtaking megalithic temples, which are listed as World Heritage Sites, and the baroque capital of Valletta, founded by the Knights of St John, also a World Heritage Site and Malta's walled medieval capital, Mdina. Malta has been described as a giant open-air museum so it is perfect for a cultured city break. But do not assume that the museums make Malta dull. Malta is a lively and thriving nation that has strong folk traditions, and noisy village festas, or festivals, are a common sight between May and September. The islands of Malta are famed for their excellent crafts, including blown glass and handmade lace. Malta is also an important centre for watersports, especially diving, sailing and snorkelling. And during your city break to Malta a visit to the National Museum of Archaeology for a glimpse at some prehistoric artefacts is a must, as is the historic St Johns Co-Cathedral.