Malta: Shopping Holiday

A Microcosm of the Mediterranean

Malta Shopping Holiday

Shopping in Malta is a delighful experience - visit colourful markets and sample the fresh fish, or spend time in some of the quaint old-fashioned shops in Valletta’s backstreets, as well as trying on the latest continental fashions in Malta shopping plazas. Many do not consider Malta as a shopping destination, and it is true to say that one shouldn't visit Malta with the sole intention of shopping. But it is certainly a good idea to spend time in the shops in Malta as you will undoubtedly pick up some unique items to take home with you. For a taste of the Mediterranean, you can choose one of the many local deli treats - from olives and sun-dried tomatoes, to fine wines. If you want to buy something in Malta that you can appreciate for longer, try the intricate, filigree silverware or perhaps a work from one of the Islands’ renowned artists.