Malta: Abseiling

A Microcosm of the Mediterranean

Malta Abseiling

Malta is ideal for abseiling in, as are the Maltese islands of Comino and Gozo. Each has magnificent views, and the rocky coastline makes the Maltese islands one of the most exciting abseiling destinations. The abseiling sites in Malta are on limestone, which is one of the main elements of Maltese islands. Even though Malta is a small area, it has places for younger people or beginners as well as for experienced abseilers. You may choose to abseil in the sun or in the shade, according to season. Following a rainy downpour, the rocks in Malta normally dry after about an hour, due to the warm and breezy conditions. There are no seasonal restrictions for someone wishing to go abseiling in Malta so it can be enjoyed all year round. Malta has no mountains - the highest point above sea level are 253 meters (829 ft.) - but the Maltese islands have picturesque valleys instead. The sides of the valleys offer solid limestone walls of a single pitch. And the rugged coastline provides magnificent single or multi-pitch sea cliff walls.