Malta: Bus Tours

A Microcosm of the Mediterranean

Malta Bus Tours

It is easy to book a bus tour while in Malta. Choose from a full day tour or a morning or evening tour by bus (or you can take a tour by sea instead.) The bus tours in Malta will take you around such places as the Mosta Dome, the church where you can marvel at the good fortune of the congregation who survived unhurt when a World War II bomb crashed through the roof during a church sermon and landed unexploded. You will also visit the Ta'qali Crafts village which will open your eyes to the various Maltese arts & crafts, then pass through the silent city of Mdina and the ancient village of Rabat. The price of a bus tour in Malta is usually between 11 euros and 30 euros depending on your personal preference. There is also the option to have a meal included with your Malta bus tour.