Malta: Cycling - Mountain Biking

A Microcosm of the Mediterranean

Malta Cycling - Mountain Biking

Malta and Gozo can offer cyclists some exciting landscapes that are ideal for exploring by bike. Malta's mild climate, even in Winter, make it possible to cycle along the myriad of tiny streets and lanes, criss-crossing the Islands. Some tracks are quite rough, giving you a real sense of the harsh landscape, while others are delightful village lanes and you may pass by the odd farmer tilling his fields. Most of the cycling trails in Malta will take you to stunning viewpoints, and the countryside can be as challenging or as easy as you wish to make it. The north of Malta has some steeper hills and sharper bends, while the central and southern areas are much easier for a cycling in Malta. Cycling in Gozo is also a great idea - it is accessible by a 30 minute ferry crossing and has less traffic, while also offering spectacular rural landscaping throughout.