Malta: Hiking - Walking

A Microcosm of the Mediterranean

Malta Hiking - Walking

The green valleys and breathtaking views offered by Malta ask for adventure, so hiking and walking through its lush full trails and high cliffs is sure to be an enjoyable experience. The best way to enjoy hiking in Malta is to walk through the villages and ancient sites, breathing in the air of the Maltese valley. Many places in Malta are ideal for hikes. Mtahleb, Bahrija, Dingli Cliffs, are just a few of the many places that offer a variety of rocky terrain, cliffs or green valleys to explore. If you wish to go hiking in Gozo, try San Blas valley, Lunzjata valley, Ramla Valley, or Wied l-Infern Hondoq ir-Rummien for some very picturesque scenery that lets you experience Mother Nature in most unique and fascinating way. The only slightly negative aspect of hiking in Malta is the temperature: in the summertime you may feel it is uncomfortably hot.