Malta: Nightlife

A Microcosm of the Mediterranean

Malta Nightlife

When the sun goes down, Malta can cater for all kinds of nightlife. The younger set tend to go to Paceville where there are many piano bars and casinos alongside numerous nightclubs such as Footloose, Havana and the Axis club which often features some of Europe's top DJs. Malta's nightlife kicks off a lot earlier than many other Mediterranean destinations with all its clubs pumping out hardcore music from as early as 10.30pm. Before hitting the clubs there are many exquisite restaurants to go to, where you can try one of a host of Sicilian influenced dishes or even British food if you prefer, whilst enjoying traditional Maltese folk music. If you prefer somewhere slightly less lively, picturesque St Julians is home to many Maltese fisherman, and is peppered with bougainvillea-lined restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a pleasant evening meal followed by cocktails and listening to relaxing live entertainment.