Malta: Surfing

A Microcosm of the Mediterranean

Malta Surfing

Many of the island's locals would be surprised to learn that Malta's waves are surfable. Malta is not well-known for its surf, but over the last few years a small group of wave riders have emerged on its shores. There is only one surf shop in Malta, so getting a surf board is not an easy task. However, one can be found in Sliema, at the Plaza Shopping centre. Other then that there are currently no places that rent out boards. But you may be able to get hold of some local surfers in Malta through social networking sites and many of them are very friendly and sometimes willing to lend boards! Many shops do sell surf clothing though, and these can generally be found clustered near the Mdina Marina. So, while it is certainly possible to surf in Malta, it is perhaps not advisable to visit Malta purely for surfing.