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Hotels in Malta range from budget to luxury, so whatever you require, you should be able to find with ease. If you wish to relax and enjoy the scenery consider a hotel with a view looking out over one of Malta's stunning beaches. Or you may wish to be close to the action and stay in a hotel in Malta's capital, Valletta. Choose from an all inclusive holiday, half board, full board, bed and breakfast or a self catering deals at any of the top resorts in Malta. A typical three-star hotel in Malta could cost as little as £11 during Spring for half-board. In high season (July and August) this would rise to around £30 a night. A five star hotel in high season would be priced in the region of £70-90 per night. Many of the hotels in Malta, particularly those at the high end of the market, are really quite breathtaking in appearance so it is well worth considering this type of accommodation for your holiday in Malta. Book your Hotel in Malta by viewing our links to special offers in Malta.