Manila: Backpacking

A bustling city with a laid-back, casual nature

Manila Backpacking

Manila and the Philippines in general offer plenty for the backpacker, trekker or less traditional tourist. The increase in budget airlines such as Air Asia and Tiger Airways is opening Manila more and more to the backpacking crowd. Manila features several budget-priced or backpacking hotels for the thrifty traveler. At Townhouse Hotel Manila in Paranque, which caters to the backpacker crowd, dormitory rooms start at under €3, while those in need of more creature comforts can avail themselves of private rooms with air conditioning and cable TV for around €15 and everything in between.

In the bohemian backpacker district of Malate, prices (and hipness) are just slightly higher. Friendly’s guesthouse in Malate features free wireless Internet, kitchen facilities, laundry service and a weekly “Wine and Cheese Night”. Since Malate is also the center for nightlife and local student culture in Manila, it is an ideal place for backpackers. As always, one should exercise common sense and caution when backpacking and not expect the same level of security as in the business districts or in more expensive accommodation.