Manila: Family Holiday

A bustling city with a laid-back, casual nature

Manila has much to offer as a Family Holiday destination. Filipinos are very family-oriented and therefore many of the city’s common tourist destinations provide great options for family holiday activities in Manila. Not to mention magnificent megamalls, which are like indoor mini cities and include ice skating, children’s fantasy parks, go carts, rides, family restaurants, billiards, bowling, video arcades and multiplex cinemas featuring many English language films. Manila’s many parks, zoo and new Oceanarium, Oceana Park (featuring an incredible array of marine life, plus shopping, restaurants and concert venues) are also very family-friendly. Also of interest for families are the nearby beaches at Batangas and Puerto Galera, and the popular family resort destination of Tagaytay (55 km from Manila), which provides a cool, refreshing respite from the heat of the city.