Manila: Gay and Lesbian

A bustling city with a laid-back, casual nature

Manila is an excellent gay and lesbian urban holiday destination. The Philippines and Manila in particular are known as very accepting and tolerant for gay and lesbian lifestyles. Openly gay and lesbian couples are a common site in clubs, malls and on the streets of Metro Manila, and are not closeted like in many other Asian countries. The prevalence of homosexual and queer culture makes Manila an ideal gay and lesbian holiday spot. Manila’s district of Malate, originally an exclusive residential area for Americans living in Manila, has become the country’s gay Mecca; a center for gay nightlife and venue for the annual Gay Pride Parade. Manila is also home to many gay, lesbian and transsexual organizations, bars, gay-friendly restaurants and resources. Manila Out is a regularly distributed magazine for news, advertising and intellectual writing for gay and lesbian readers and may be found throughout Metro Manila.