Manila: Spectator Sports

A bustling city with a laid-back, casual nature

Manila Spectator Sports

Boxing, along with basketball is a hugely popular spectator sport in the Philippines and Manila has been the site of many historical boxing matches including the legendary Thrilla in Manila when Muhammad Ali famously bested Joe Frazier. Filipino Manny Pacquiao is a multiple world champion and widely considered to be the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world.

The PBA or Philippine Basketball Association, is the oldest of its kind in Asia and also the oldest outside of the U.S. Most major games are played in Metro Manila and interestingly, teams are not geographically based, but rather tied to corporations, for example the San Miguel Beermen, Burger King Whoppers and Alaska Aces (Alaska Milk Corp.). Other popular spectator sports include horse racing and cock fighting, the latter being considered cruel by most foreign visitors.