Manila: Costs

A bustling city with a laid-back, casual nature

Manila Costs

Some typical costs in Manila are:

Guest Houses: 15€ and up for private rooms
Hostels: 3€ and up for dormitory beds
Hotels: Hotels: 40-50€ and up for 2-3 star
Beer: 0.50 € and up
Fast food meal: 1.60€
Cup of coffee: 1.35€
Breakfast: 4€
Lunch: 6€
Dinner: 10 €
Cigarettes: 1.05€ per pack
Taxi from airport to Makati or Malate: 10€
Air-conditioned buses: 17€ and up per journey
Jeepney: 0.10€ and up per journey
Internet café: 0.80€ for 30 minutes