Manila: Main Facts

A bustling city with a laid-back, casual nature

Manila Main Facts

Geographical Location of Manila

Manila is located on Manila Bay, in central Luzon, the northern most group of islands in the Philippines, a nation in Southeast Asia. The Philippines is situated with the South China Sea to the west and the Philippine Sea to the east, directly south of Taiwan and a few hundred km north of Borneo.

Languages of Manila

The two official languages of the Philippines are English and Filipino, a standardization of Tagalog. English is the main language of business and education in Manila and is widely understood. Other languages of Manila include Chinese, used by the Chinese community, and Spanish, which is still spoken by some older residents.

Currency of Manila

Currency in Manila is the Philippine Peso (1€ = 64 Pesos). Dollars may be accepted in some places and are the preferred currency for exchange into Pesos.