Marbella: Crime

Costa's Honey Pot of Glamour and Wealth

Marbella Crime

The main forms of petty crime in Marbella that visitors should be aware of are pick pocketing and purse snatching. Although not very common, sensible precautions should however be taken. Public transportation and high-traffic public areas are the two places where these problems are most likely to occur.

It is advisable to therefore wear handbags and cameras across your body, or use a discreet money belt. Also, if possible park hire cars in the hotel parking area in Marbella, and never leave valuables on show in parked cars or hotel rooms. Ask the hotel reception if there is a safe in the room where passports, surplus money and jewellery, can be left when the room is vacant.

When on the beach, it is preferable that someone stays with your possessions at all times to reduce the risk of theft. Keep valuables out of sight if you do decide to take any with you. A small amount of cash is advisable for the purchase of refreshments, but keep any wallet or money holder away from view.