Marbella: Food Guide - Dining Out

Costa's Honey Pot of Glamour and Wealth

Marbella Food Guide - Dining Out

Visitors to Marbella will have little opportunity of ever going hungry, such is the selection of restaurants across the city. There are literally hundreds to choose from and serve many types of International cuisine including Lebanese, Italian, Thai, French and Japaanese, and therefore you do not have to stick to the local Marbella delicacies such as fish, seafood, paella, and tapas, which are little snacks and can range from olives to a pieces of Spanish tortilla (omelette). The abundance of restaurants also means that there is one to suit most budgets, and therefore dining out does not have to be expensive. There is equally the chance to stick to your habitual menu if you are feeling less adventurous with the city being so multicultural.

The Golden Mile is awash with restaurants, street cafes, and bars, and the Old Town of Marbella behind the main seafront is also a good place to go to have a bite to eat. Many beaches in and around Marbella also come with their own restaurants meaning that you do not have to travel into town to have lunch. Expect to pay around €5 for a typical Spanish paella dish.