Marbella: Useful Information

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Marbella Useful Information

- There are heavy fines for those caught smoking in specified no-smoking areas in Marbella. All offices, public buildings, places serving food, and venues catering for children in Marbella must be predominantly smoke-free, with many people choosing to smoke outside or in strictly designated areas. It is therefore a good idea to be diplomatic and choose your place to smoke carefully in Marbella, or alternatively only smoke when others nearby are already smoking.
- Spain is predominantly Roman Catholic, although most other faiths and religions are also represented in Marbella, such as Protestants and Muslims. There is a large and diverse selection of churches that welcome visitors and these often operate a fairly formal dress code, where shorts and revealing tops may not be allowed.
- Tipping is quite discretionary in Marbella, although this is by no means obligatory. Restaurants always include service charges by law and these should be clearly indicated on the menus, although a tip will still be expected and very much appreciated. Hotel staff are also happy to accept a small donation, but no other public service workers in the resort of Marbella expect to be tipped. Tips should always be paid n cash, so that the person it is intended for receives the total amount.
- VAT (IVA) is always included in the price of goods and refunds are unusual in Marbella and throughout Spain.
- The telephone area code for Marbella is 95.
- In an emergency in Marbella, dial 091 for police (national) or 092 (local). The fire brigade can be called on 080 or 085 and for an ambulance, dial 409 5530.
- The Marbella municipal tourist office can be called on 95 277 14 42.
- The Marbella Bus Station may be reached on 95 277 21 92.
- To make a phone call from one city to another in Marbella, dial '0' followed by the Spanish city code and the main telephone number.
- Although Spanish is the main language in Marbella, being a popular city with many foreign visitors, English, French and German are usually spoken and understood at most attractions, galleries, hotels and restaurants catering for tourists. A phrase book is always useful for those venturing off of the beaten track.
- A number of tourist information centres are available in and around Marbella, offering resources including brochures about tourist attractions and area maps. The main tourist bureaux in Marbella can be found along the Plaza de los Naranjos in the city centre, and also close to the seafront, on the Glorieta de la Fontanilla.
- Opening hours for shops in Marbella are usually between 09:00 to 10:00 Monday to Friday and close at 20:00 or later. There are reduced opening hours on Saturdays, and the majority of shops and shopping centres in Marbella remain closed on Sundays, although some do open for limited hours, particularly in central Marbella. It is custom practice for Marbella's stores to take a long lunch break for as much as three or four hours, during the afternoon siesta period, although some larger shops will remain open throughout the day.
- Plug sockets are 220V.