Marbella: When to go

Costa's Honey Pot of Glamour and Wealth

Marbella When to go

Marbella benefits from a year-long comfortable and pleasant climate, with temperatures averaging around 19 degrees Centigrade or 66 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an ideal destination for visiting during both peak and off peak times. Therefore if you can avoid the busiest times, you will still have the opportunity to visit the city when temperatures are still mild and hot enough for outdoor leisure activities. Rates are also lower which means that you can take advantage of getting more for your money which does not go so far during the summer and Christmas periods. However, many restaurants close when staff go on holiday around the 15 October which is worth taking into consideration.

Like many resorts, Marbella is busiest during the school holidays, especially during the peak summer period when rates tend to be higher and attractions are at their busiest. Although summer tends to be slightly warmer than the winter, visitors must be aware of the rainy season which extends between November and March but the rain is seldom heavy.