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Marbella Hostels

Hostels in Marbella

Hostels in Marbella are an ideal place to stay for those wishing to travel on a shoestring budget and meet and socialise with likeminded people. There is limited availability in the city but have the advantage of being well located, and accommodation can range from a private room to a shared room of two beds and upwards. Depending on the venue, some Marbella hostels also include a swimming pool, TV, and bar. Expect to pay from around €15 per night, but bear in mind that the room may be shared with other travellers, and therefore it is important to make sure that all possessions are in a secure area prior to leaving the premises, as visitors are in and out of the hostel throughout the day. Marbella hostels also fill up quickly during peak periods, and therefore those thinking of visiting a hostel should book as early as possible either by phone or online.