Marbella: Hotels

Costa's Honey Pot of Glamour and Wealth

Marbella Hotels

Hotels in Marbella

Being a popular tourist resort, there is a large range of Marbella hotels to choose from and like most big cities following the one to five star classification, with five being the most expensive and luxurious, and often comes as part of a golfing or beach resort. There is literally a hotel in Marbella to suit every budget.

Expect to pay an average of around €500 per room per night based on dual occupancy for a top of the range five-star on the beach, but prices for the more budget conscious range from approximately €53 per room per night including tax, for a one-star, and still have the advantage of being in the city centre with easy access to the beach.

The more luxurious hotels in Marbella come with a swimming pool, and most hotel rooms are either air conditioned or have a fan to keep occupants cool. Book early especially during the peak periods of the year and many hotels have their own website, making it easy to reserve online.