Mexico: Cruises

A land of contrasts straddling temperate and tropical zones

Mexico Cruises

Cruises in Mexico will take you to the pristine beaches and sparkling blue waters flushed with the sun! A cruise holiday in Mexico blends the comfort of round the clock service with a chance to visit some of the finest and most exotic Mexican cities. There are many Mexico cruise options to choose from and the amount and variety can be more than a little overwhelming. With food and accommodation already taken care of, many travelers like the idea of simply sitting back and relaxing as they visit numerous destinations. If adventure is what you seek, adventure cruises are popular in Mexico where you can explore Mayan ruins, dive off cliffs and indulge in adventure sports activities. A few of the popular ports that most cruises halt at include Ensenada, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallerta. January to March are the best months to take a cruise to Mexico.

The best bargains can be sought between these months, and the weather is almost perfect! A typical cruise in Mexico will halt at many popular towns and, depending on the nature of the cruise, will spend a night or at least a day at the port. Travelers will find that a bustling market scene will greet them as they leave the cruise ship at most locations. Mexican cruises usually travel along the East coast, the Pacific Coast or the Yucatan Peninsula.