Mexico: Culture and Arts

A land of contrasts straddling temperate and tropical zones

Mexico Culture and Arts

There is perhaps no better destination than Mexico for a culture and arts holiday. Mexico’s unique and colorful cultures contribute to making it the culturally rich country that Mexico is. The capital of Mexico presents a sampling of the very best of the history, culture, art and dance that Mexico has to offer. To soak in the history and culture of Mexico visit the marveled pre-Aztec ruins of Teotihuacán, climb to the top of the third tallest pyramid in the world and look out over this amazing city.

The National Museum of Anthropology has the huge Aztec Sun Stone, the Olmec heads and partially reconstructed Mayan temple on display which will give you an insight into the civilizations that existed centuries ago. Right outside the museum you will see Voladores (flying men) climb to the top of a narrow pole and rotate slowly to the ground by ropes tied to their waists.

The Chapultapec Park serves as another interesting insight into the history and art of Mexico. Witness the most fascinating dance extravaganza of Mexico- the Ballet Folklorico, which presents dances in costumes that reflect the traditional culture of Mexico, at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City. Puerto Vallerta, often referred to as Mexico’s Mecca of Art, is home to a large number of galleries, art museums, and an eclectic mix of resident artists that have made Puerto Vallarta a renowned international art community. Puerto Vallarta art galleries display all kinds of Mexican and international art.

From avant-garde to indigenous art to fine pottery, each gallery specializes in different genres, so there is a Puerto Vallarta art gallery for whatever your tastes may be. Whether you're looking for that perfect home decoration or an artistic masterpiece for your collection, you'll find what you're looking for in the art galleries of Puerto Vallarta.