Mexico: Family Holiday

A land of contrasts straddling temperate and tropical zones

Mexico Family Holiday

Mexico has an enormous variety of quality resorts, from Cancun in the East to Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific coast, that make for the perfect family holiday in Mexico. Archaeological sites, historical monuments, museums and the captivating natural beauty of the country ensure one of the most fulfilling family holidays in Mexico. The Yucatan Peninsula is the place to visit to explore the extraordinary Mayan ruins scattered throughout this region.

The beaches of the Pacific coast and coastal cities like Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Cabo, Mazatlan, Playa del Carmen and San Cristobel de Las Casas are perfect to spend lazy family holidays in Mexico. The Copper Canyon is an interesting destination for you and your family to holiday in as it provides a unique adventure! The mountain rail ride through the Copper Canyon is one of the best in the world and a treat for children in particular. Archaeological sites like the Chichen Itza, Palenque, Monte Alban, Teotihuacán, Tulum, Uxmal, El Tajin and Ek Balam are interesting and will bring your children’s history text books alive!