Mexico: Hiking Activity Holiday

A land of contrasts straddling temperate and tropical zones

Mexico Hiking Activity Holiday

Hiking in Mexico is an adventurous experience that brings travelers in close contact with the Mexican way of life among the local tribes. The Sierra Madre Occidental is a popular hiking destination in Mexico within which lies the famous Copper Canyon. The Copper Canyon is a spectacular complex of nearly impenetrable chasms that is four times the size of the Grand Canyon and a pure delight for a hiking holiday in Mexico. Hiking through the rugged wilderness, past waterfalls and river ponds and meeting people of the Tarahumara tribe are all a part of the hiking experience in the Copper Canyon.

Some of the best hiking trails for a hiking holiday in Mexico include the Canon de La Mina Vieja in Chihuahua, El Cerrito de Colotitlan in Jalisco, El Mirador in Nuevo Leon, the California Borrego Springs in Baja California, the Monte Alban Trail in Oaxaca and El Pinal in Nuevo Leon, among a host of others. Hiking equipment is easily available in most parts of Mexico. You can hike in your own group or as part of an organized hiking tour.