Mexico: Honeymoon

A land of contrasts straddling temperate and tropical zones

Mexico Honeymoon

Mexico is one of the best romantic getaways and a sought after honeymoon destination. From large tourist towns to secluded intimate resorts, Mexico offers plenty of options to honeymooners. Riviera Maya is a prime honeymoon destination in Mexico. Riviera Maya, also known as the Mayan Riviera, hugs the eastern coastline of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. A prime stretch of beach, Riviera Maya faces the Caribbean Sea's gentle waters under which lie the second largest coral reef barrier in the world. Resorts along the Riviera Maya offer the best honeymoon packages in Mexico. Beaches off the Pacific and Caribbean coasts are popular with honeymooners as well, with lots of adventure activities, fun and relaxation all available at different budgets to suit your pocket. Cruises are another immensely popular option for honeymoons in Mexico.