Mexico: Winter Sun

A land of contrasts straddling temperate and tropical zones

Mexico Winter Sun

Mexico’s peak tourist season is over the winter months, from October to May, with most tourists visiting the country between December and February owing to the pleasant climate. Most parts of Mexico do not experience an extreme winter so if you are looking to holiday in minus degree temperature then Mexico isn’t for you. The beaches are packed over the winter months as are most of the archaeological sites, cities and monuments. The winter months are especially popular for mountain biking, cycling and hiking trips.


The sun is not too intense and the weather is close to perfect! A winter holiday in Mexico will give you the chance to witness two popular festivals in the country, the feast of Our lady of Guadalupe and Christmas, celebrated with much fanfare in the country. Skiing is another popular winter holiday activity in Mexico in the mountainous regions of the country. If you ideal winter sun holiday in Mexico is centered around relaxation, check into a beach resort in any of the coastal cities of Mexico and relax!

Take note that June to October are the hottest and wettest months across most of Mexico.