Mexico: Spectator Sports

A land of contrasts straddling temperate and tropical zones

Mexicans are known for their great interest in sports and spectator sports in Mexico are widely followed. Soccer and bull fighting are the most popular spectator sports in Mexico, and fans are fiercely loyal. Soccer games are played in Mexico City’s Estadio Azteca, Estadio Olimpico and Estadio Azul Stadiums, which are home turf for the city's three main clubs. Guadalajara is also popular for its soccer matches.

The second most largely followed spectator sport in Mexico is baseball with games played at Foro Sol. Bullfights at Plaza de Toros and other parts of Mexico are equally famous. Every Mexican city has its on bull ring with Plaza Mexico in Mexico City being the world’s largest. Mexican Rodeos known as ‘Charreadas’, are seen in the northern part of Mexico where people flock to witness the style, costumes in addition to the main event itself! Horse racing is popular another popular spectator sport in Mexico where the important races are held at the Hipodromo de Las Americas.