Mexico: Food Guide - Dining Out

A land of contrasts straddling temperate and tropical zones

Mexico is full of the most interesting eateries and eating out is a pure delight. The range of eateries is vast, from small taco carts lined up along the sides of roads, to fancy star restaurants where you are expected to tog up! Restaurants catering specifically to tourists abound in Mexico and you will never face a problem when it comes to food and eating out.

Mexicans pride themselves in the food they turn out and an authentic Mexican meal is worth traveling to the country for! Most tourist restaurants do not serve very authentic Mexican food in a bid to accommodate foreign tastes. Go to a neighborhood restaurant or a small village restaurant that’s full of locals, and you know your in the right place if you are looking forward to authentic Mexican specialties like enchiladas, tortillas, frijoles, chilies, guacamole, tacos in their different variations, Mexican rice, pollo con mole which is chicken in a sauce that contains garlic, chocolate and numerous spices. Mexico City, Oaxaca, Yucatan provide the best dining options in the country.