Morocco: Beach

North Africa's Arabian Arcadia

Morocco Beach

With its 1,147 miles (1,835 kilometres) of coastline on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, you won’t have trouble finding a beautiful beach to enjoy in Morocco. If you want to relax by the tranquil Mediterranean, you will find unspoiled beaches, bordered by a dramatic scenery of rocky inlets and headlands. In comparison, the beaches by the Atlantic are more popular as they are lined with pristine stretches of sand. You will surely marvel at the sand dunes, cliffs and bluffs. Two of Morocco's most popular Atlantic resorts are Agadir and Essaouira; both have stunning sandy beaches with a plethora of exciting things to see and do. Moulay Bousalam, a smaller beach, with rolling sand dunes, residing within a fishing town on the Atlantic, is a less commercialised option than up-market Agadir, or laid-back Essaouira. Moulay Bousalam is where many Moroccans from Fez spend their holidays and own second homes. Essaouira is the most popular of Morocco's coastal spots with independent travellers, and only rarely do you see package tours here. It has an excellent beach that curves for miles to the south. Morocco is a first-class destination for a beach holiday.