Morocco: Gay and Lesbian

North Africa's Arabian Arcadia

Morocco Gay and Lesbian

The attitude towards homosexuality in Morocco is distinctly different from what is current in the UK in that it is common, but rarely out in the open. On the one hand, signs of affection between Moroccan males, such as holding hands - which is a sign of friendship - is accpted. Some of the Berber tribes, such as the Chleuh in the High Atlas, are particularly tolerant toward homosexual behaviour. On the other, lesbianism is relatively uncommon and definitely not acknowledged. Legally speaking, homosexuality between men is and punishable with imprisonment. Hence, for both gays and lesbians, it is best to be discrete and avoid public displays of affection. (This is something that is frowned upon when shown by a heterosexual couples too). Having said that, Tangier is considered by many to have been the world's first gay resort and is still thought of as gay friendly. Marrakesh certainly has a mini gay scene, thanks largely to the number of gay French couples now living there. Morocco is a great destination for a gay or lesbian holiday, provided you are sensitive to cultural differences.