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North Africa's Arabian Arcadia

Morocco Party Holiday - Singles Life

Although you may find that Morocco is not the ideal location for a party holiday, it is a popular destination for single travellers, especially backpackers. However, single female travellers may encounter some harassment in some places. There are also many more opportunities for single people to take organised tours and package tours in Morocco these days too. Organised tours in Morocco provide an excellent opportunity to meet single people from other English speaking countries and although parties are not usually part of the official itinerary, you will find plenty of opportunities for partying with your fellow travellers in the evenings. You can now avoid the need to pay a single-room supplement by going to one of the many room-mate locator agencies on the internet. There are also several agencies that specialise in holidays for single people. Package holidays and organised tours in Morocco can encompass beach holidays, visits to places of cultural and historical interest and activity-based holidays. Morocco is an increasingly popular destination for single people.