Morocco: Well-being and Spa

North Africa's Arabian Arcadia

Morocco Well-being and Spa

Although not widely publicised for its Well Being and Spa holidays, Morocco has quite a lot to offer you if you want to detoxify and get in touch with your inner-self. Most of the spas in Morocco can be found within hotels and offer luxurious accommodation with quality food and efficient service. A stay at one of these prestigious establishments can set you back as much as £600 per night in a luxury suite, with 2 people sharing. However, prices for a slightly modest room can be considerably less, at just over £300 per night. A Spa holiday or Well Being holiday in Morocco can include the use of outdoor and indoor heated pools, jacuzzi and solaria. Many luxury hotels hotel also offer massage, beauty treatments, and pampering oil baths, either in the treatment room, or even in the privacy of your own bedroom. Alternatively, you might want to try an authentic Moroccan tradition and have a massage in a hamam (Turkish bath). A hamam massage, which usually lasts about 2 hours, is almost a kind of ceremony that takes place in a white marbled, Moorish tiled steam room, perfumed with natural herbs. You will be scrubbed, bathed and toweled before the massage, which is also done in the steam room. A Well Being and Spa holiday in Morocco could be the well deserved holiday break for you.