Morocco: Wine Tasting Holiday

North Africa's Arabian Arcadia

Morocco Wine Tasting Holiday

Perhaps surprisingly, there are some opportunities for wine tasting holidays in Morocco, although you will probably need to book a customised trip with a specialist travel agent. In fact, wine has been produced in Morocco since the Romans planted the first vineyard in the 2nd century AD, and during the French Protectorate, wine production was encouraged. When Morocco became independent, production decreased, as Muslims are prohibited from consuming alcohol. However, Moroccans are nothing if not open-minded and personal choice is a Moroccan characteristic. Tourists, of course, are not discouraged from consuming Moroccan wine and the result is that the nation's vineyards are again flourishing. Appelations and Chateaux are starting to appear on Moroccan produced wine labels throughout the country. Most vineyards are found in Northern Morocco, covering the hills of Meknes where the weather is particularly suitable. The Château Roslane is Morocco's first appellation controlle, and the same vineyard also produces some Fairtrade wine too. Morocco is an interesting country for a wine tasting holiday.