Morocco: Bus Tours

North Africa's Arabian Arcadia

Morocco Bus Tours

Morocco presents many opportunities for touring by bus. There are bus services to nearly every part of Morocco and nearly every Moroccan city has a central bus-station where you can buy tickets to travel from region to another. In fact, there are many private companies competing for business alongside the main national carrier. There are also many bus services aimed specifically at the tourist market. These buses usually have air-conditioning and are equipped with video and other comfortable features. The cheaper option is to travel on the “local” buses, which are generally 25%-50% cheaper than the tourist buses, but can be more fun. However, what you may gain in terms of price, you will probably lose in terms of comfort, but travelling on local buses will give you a flavour of Moroccan life and you will learn a lot about the country. Local buses often take more round-about routes than tourist coaches, so you can see villages you would never get to as a "normal" tourist. You may be better taking the air-conditioned tourist coach, however, if you are at all sensitive to the heat. The “local” bus route from Rissani, Erfoud, and Er Rachidia to Meknes and Fez, while long, runs through the Middle and High Atlas and is especially scenic. Some typical “local” bus fares are: from Casablanca to Marrakesh £6, from Casablanca to Fèz £6.50 and from Casablanca to Tangier £9. If you do travel by bus, you may be charged for handling your luggage, a charge of 40p is not uncommon.