Morocco: Hiking - Walking

North Africa's Arabian Arcadia

Morocco Hiking - Walking

Morocco's wide range of different landscapes and breathtaking countryside make it an excellent country for hiking. It has a diversity of terrains for every walker, whatever his or her level of proficiency. The Rif Mountain chain has slopes for experienced mountain hikers. In eastern Morocco, you will find landscapes of plateaux, forests, and stony desert pavements. In the south, in the Anti-Atlas range, you can walk over ergs, whilst there are also the sandy deserts where you can make camp for a night or more under the stars. Located to the north of the country, the Middle Atlas mountains are suitable for lovers of forest walks. The High Atlas mountains are wonderful country for all types of hiking, from easy day-trip potters to much longer adventures with guides and mules. You will find various tour companies that organise organise trips, many of which you can book when you are in Morocco. You can travel by bus from Marrakesh and then a get a lift in a lorry to one of the many beautiful villages of the High Atlas. There are many hiking possibilities there; one of the most popular being the two-day hike up Jebel Toubkal. If you are interested in a longer trek, you could take the beautiful trail between Tacheddirt and Imlil, which runs above the High Atlas snow line.