Morocco: Horse Riding

North Africa's Arabian Arcadia

Morocco Horse Riding

The idea of riding an Arab or Barb horse, through rustic landscapes and staying in luxurious tented overnight camps, is an experience not to be missed. The High Atlas Mountains provide breathtaking views, whilst the heat of the Sahara is an experience on its own. The palm groves in valleys fed by rivers add splashes of green to the otherwise arid landscape. Horse riding in Morocco is becoming an increasingly popular activity and provide the perfect opportunity for horse lovers to explore the wilderness and culture of rural Morocco while experiencing first hand all the endearing qualities that have made Moroccan horse breeds the forerunners of most of those found elsewhere in the world today. There are a number of excellent horse riding establishments in the country, many of which are run by the best equestrian authorities. As you might expect, Arab and Barb horses are the most suitable breeds for the terrain. Tour routes vary from company to company and may include any number of fascinating features, so remember to pack your camera! Most horse riding companies also offer overnight accommodation where you can relax and get ready for the next day's riding. You need to be aware of the fact that many of the horses used are stallions, so you should be a be moderate to experienced rider in order to cope!