Morocco: Shopping

North Africa's Arabian Arcadia

Morocco Shopping

Shopping can be one of the more enjoyable things to do in Morocco. The Moroccan shopping experience is very different from anything you may have encountered in the UK. Firstly, many of the most interesting shopping areas are in the winding streets of the old towns, or Medinas. Here, the markets, or souks, are a hive of activity a blaze of colours, sights and smells. You will find myriad things to browse and buy in the souks. If you are interested in handicrafts, then Morocco is the destination for you. Moroccan tradesmen make wonderful carpets, superb metalwork, jewellery and traditional Berber blankets amongst other things. You will find souks in almost every Moroccan town, even the smaller ones, but some of the most famous are in Marrakesh and in Fez. There are shops that resemble British shops in Morocco too, especially in the tourist areas. Many of them are well-stocked with souvenirs and craft-goods. Whether you decide to buy from a shop, or a stall in a souk, you will need to haggle over the price. Indeed, it will be expected by the locals that you do! Sometimes, this can become almost theatrical. However, if you do not haggle over the price, you will find that you pay well over the odds for what you want.