Morocco: Sightseeing

North Africa's Arabian Arcadia

Morocco Sightseeing

Morocco provides the visitor with an abundance of sight seeing opportunities. Your main problem will be trying to fit everything in, as Morocco offers such a wide variety of different things to see for people of all ages and every taste and interest. With its thousands of years of human habitation, its settlement by Berbers, Phonecians, Romans, Arabs, French and Spanish, Morocco has more than enough to satisfy the enquiring mind. If Morocco's culture has many facets, then so does its landscape and geography. There are Morocco's atmospheric and exotic cities that seem so far away from contemporary Europe. You will marvel at the winding streets of the old towns, or Medinas. Here, the markets, or souks, are a hive of activity a blaze of colours, sights and smells. You will find myriad things to browse and perhaps buy in the souks. If you are interested in handicrafts, then Morocco is the destination for you. Moroccan tradesmen make wonderful carpets, superb metalwork, jewellery and traditional Berber blankets amongst other things. You will find souks in almost every Moroccan town, even the smaller ones, but some of the most famous are in Marrakesh and in Fez. Then there is, of course, the Sahara Desert with its romantic oases and wave upon wave of sand dunes. There are also the Atlas and Rif mountains, which at their highest points are snow-capped, but which provide numerous breathtaking mountain vistas.