Morocco: Costs

North Africa's Arabian Arcadia

Morocco Costs

You will find costs in Morocco generally much cheaper than in Britain. For example, the cost of food is much less than in western countries, although you may still run up quite a bill at up-market restaurants. Taxis (both petit and grand) are usually cheap enough for you not to need to hire a car unless you particularly want to.

Some typical costs in Morocco are:

Local Beer: 80p a glass
Petrol: 84 per litre
Cup of tea: 40p
Cup of coffee: 40p
Petit Taxi: £2.65 for five miles
Grand Taxi from Casablanca Airport to the city £20
Food: Three course meal in a good restaurant: £10.00 - £16.00
Car hire: £37 per day
Bus fare from Casablanca to Fez: £6.50
Second class train fare from Marrakesh to Fez: £16