Morocco: Useful Information

North Africa's Arabian Arcadia

Morocco Useful Information

- Internet cafes are open late and are numerous in cities and smaller towns that see significant tourist traffic. Rates are about between 30 and 80p per hour and they are often located next to, above or below, telephone kiosk offices.
- The Moroccan postal service is generally reliable and post offices have a mail collection (poste restante) service in major cities for a small fee. You will need some identification (preferably your passport) to collect your mail.
- Public telephones can be found in city centres, but private telephone offices (also known as teleboutiques or telekiosques) are also commonly used.
- The international dialling prefix (to dial out of the country) is 00, but international rates are comparatively expensive.
- You can buy a prepaid sim card for national and international calls for about 80p
- ATMs can be found near tourist hotels and in the modern ville nouvelle shopping districts. Make sure that the ATM accepts foreign cards (look for the Maestro, Cirrus or Plus logos) before you put your card in.
- Besides banks and dedicated exchange offices, major post offices provide exchange, and work until late hours.
- It is forbidden to bring more than Dhirams 1000 (about £78) of Moroccan currency into the country. Hence it is virtually impossible to obtain local currency outside Morocco. Exchange rates are the same at all banks and official exchanges, as required by law.
- Electricity is supplied everywhere at 50 cycles AC. 110-127v is the most common voltage, but newer installations are all 220v. Bayonet type light fittings and continental round 2-pin plugs are both commonly used.
- The Moroccan radio station RTM Chaine Inter regularly broadcasts some programmes in English
- You should never drink the mains water in Morocco. Always use bottled water.
- Although Morocco is a Muslim country, business and shop opening hours are from Monday to Friday. Many businesses have a longer lunch break on Friday, however.
- The predominant religion of Morocco is Islam in its Sunni form. There are also about 100,000 Christians.
- Judaism was once much more predominant in Morocco than it is now. Reportedly, there are now only some 5,000 Moroccan Jews, most of whom live in Casablanca and Marrakesh.
- Moroccan time is the same as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). There is no Daylight-Saving Time.
- It is always best to ask the permission of local people first, if you are thinking of taking a photograph of them. Taking someone's photograph without permission, especially in rural areas, can cause offence.