Morocco: When to go

North Africa's Arabian Arcadia

Morocco When to go

You will usually find that there is good holiday weather throughout the year in Morocco. Even so, July and August can be exceptionally hot for people travelling from northern Europe, even though it is the most popular time of year for holidays. In the summer temperatures commonly reach the low 30s °C during the day, but are a little cooler at night. Morocco is almost as popular in March, April and October, when temperatures and package prices are lower. Also, in spring and autumn, temperatures are moderate, between 14 °C and 21 °C. These are also good times to enjoy outdoor activities, such as skiing, trekking and mountaineering in the High Atlas mountains, where temperatures can be quite cold. If you do decide to visit in the spring or autumn remember to bring warm clothes for evenings, because although it is warm during the day it can cool down considerably at night. Marrakesh in winter is usually warm and sunny, with average day-time temperatures in the low 20s °C. However, nights can be cold, especially between November and February. Temperatures on the coast are similar but are moderated by coastal breezes. What little rain there is generally falls in winter, but can occur at any time of year. In the Atlas, as in any mountain region, the weather is variable whatever the season and can change from warm sunshine to snow in a matter of hours.