Morocco: Bed and Breakfast

North Africa's Arabian Arcadia

Morocco Bed and Breakfast

In Morocco, there are no bed and breakfasts similar to what you might find in the UK. There are however, many unclassified hotels, which are found in the Medinas, or Arabic quarters of towns and cities. Other unclassified hotels, such as those in central and southern Morocco, often offer mattresses on their roof terraces or under large Berber tents, and can be a bargain for budget travellers. You can expect to pay around £3 to £5 for a single room. Facilities in unclassified hotels can vary, so it is wise to look at a room before you take it. You may find that most accommodation in unclassified hotels may not include breakfast. You probably will not have the luxury of a hot shower, and such showers that there are will normally be communal showers, as will be the toilets. It's usually wise take your a towel and soap with you if you are thinking of this sort of accommodation. Some unclassified hotels do serve breakfast however, and you will wake up to the first culinary delight that Morocco has to offer. Also, even the most basic of cafes will usually serve fresh pastries or breads to accompany your coffee, tea, or a freshly squeezed orange juice. Baguettes, croissants and pain au chocolat are the mainstays of breakfast in Morocco. You will also encounter Moroccan breads, which are best eaten fresh, such as khubz, msemmen, and baghrir.