Moscow: Wine Tasting

More than just Fur and Vodka

Moscow Wine Tasting

Why not try a day (or more if you can handle it) of "Vodka tasting!" Vodka is as much a part of Russian culture as tea is in Britain and the sprawling capital city of Moscow and vodka tasting can be found throughout the city. If not, you could do some tasting in the vodka museum in Moscow It's near the Izmailovo market which is a good place to go for souveniers.

How about Caviar tasting?

For caviar, the best, black caviar is extortionally expensive in restaurants, so we would suggest you DIY a tasting by visiting a supermarket and then finding a nice picnic spot. Get one tiny jar of black sturgeon caviar (2000 roubles and up), a jar/tin of red salmon caviar (200 roubles up) from behind the counter and then pick an assortiment of cheaper other caviar from the shelves.