Moscow: Costs

More than just Fur and Vodka

Moscow Costs

Moscow has been named as one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit, though there are disputes as to whether data gathered to prove such theories are accurate. The main problem for travellers from the UK or the USA would be more the weakness of the pound and dollar in the current economic climate. In terms of Euros, it’s a good exchange rate for Russian Roubles. The most notable expenses for a traveller are the inflated prices that museums and other pay-to-enter exhibitions charge. This will often be anything up to ten times more expensive than a Russian would pay - though this money will be used on protecting the valuable artefacts that you’ve come to see, at least.

Some typical costs in Moscow are:

Guest Houses: €120 per night for 3 stars
Hotels: Prices start at €70 per night
Pint of beer €4
25ml of whisky €3.50
Can of Coke €1
Cup of coffee €3
Breakfast €7
Lunch €10
Dinner €15
Taxi from airport to Moscow city centre €60
Buses 50 cents per journey