Moscow: Food Guide - Dining Out

More than just Fur and Vodka

Moscow Food Guide - Dining Out

Moscow has a huge variety of restaurants and cafes to cater for every taste. Even the most demanding gourmets will surely find the restaurant to their taste in the largest city of Russia. Each restaurant presents a certain idea, conception, unusual way of the interior and menu decoration. The level of service in Moscow restaurants is getting so irreproachable that specialists believe some venues of the capital to be highly competitive with the best European examples. Among the guests of Moscow Russian traditional restaurants are the most popular ones. A visit to such a venue could be turned into excursus to Russian history, since many restaurants are located in the very heart of Moscow, in old mansions, with which interesting stories and legend are closely connected. Traditional restaurants take the time to recreate the old days’ spirit with traditional songs and dances to entertain. The waiters in national costumes serve pancakes with various fillings, meat and fish delicacies, and traditional Russian drinks. There are many restaurants in Moscow serving European cuisine. They feature elegant interiors, some of which remind of Imperial palaces, there are even American-themed restaurants, something that would have been unheard of in times gone by. Oriental cuisine used to be a fashionable novelty for Russian gourmets, but now it is taken as a classical one. Traditional sushi, soups, hot courses and desserts are offered in numerous restaurants of Moscow.