Moscow: Suggested Itinerary

More than just Fur and Vodka

 Day 1: Moscow is the capital of Russia and very central in the Eastern region, that said, this flight is going to take you at least 3 hours from the UK and western areas beyond. When you do arrive, luckily the fine Metro system is easy enough to navigate, so you shouldn’t have trouble getting around. Begin with classic Russia as you walk through the historical melting pot of Red Square. From here you can see the mighty Kremlin and its fortified walls. If you’re really lucky you may find the area playing homage to a major event, as it now so often does in modern Russia. You will also see the iconic St Basil’s Cathedral and this area should be the focus of any holiday snaps. Take your meals in traditional Russian restaurants for that real authentic air.

Day 2: Time to see the father of Communism and Russia in many respects. Vladimir Lenin’s body is preserved in Lenin’s Mausoleum, at public respect, 6 days after his death in 1924. Be respectful when visiting Comrade Lenin as the highly-guarded area is thought of very sacredly in these parts and you will be moved along quickly. Fallen Monument Park is located outside of the Krmysky Val building in Moscow and features over 700 sculptures depicting life in Russia’s past. After spending hours staring at statues, head along to the western wall of the Kremlin where you will find the tranquil Alexander’s Garden, all 865 acres of it. Pay special attention to the gate, which was built as a commemoration to Napoleon’s (and many others for that matter) failure to breach the stronghold of Moscow. In the evening, there is a thriving and bustling nightlife for you to enjoy including clubs, bars and fine dining.

Day 3: If you want to be a bit more adventurous on your last full day, make sure you visit the stunning Winter Palace, about 45 minutes drive from Moscow. Here you will find various artwork and retro items from Russia’s illustrious past and is well worth a visit if you’re in the city. Alternatively you could take an overnight train from Moscow to the breathtaking city of St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad/Stalingrad). St. Petersburg is a stunning city and contains less well-known but more-so dazzling pieces of modern architecture. It’s well worth a go if you want to visit the most beautiful parts of Russia and you will be woken up early upon arrival so you can truly get the most from your day. If you do decide to stay put, really the only item left of interest is Ostankino Tower, Europe’s tallest (you’ll see it glowing in the evening) and a true statement of Russia’s intent as a global superpower.

Day 4: If you stayed put, spend the day walking around Red Square and it’s various array of quaint markets, shops and up-and-coming social life. In St. Petersburg you will find just as many local delights and you will find its airport just as accommodating as Moscow’s.